Lucy C

I Highly recommend Gifts of Fire Ministries, founded by Mehrzad Jahanbin, a true prophet of God.

The in-depth teachings and topics, although very challenging at times, address the core issues of the heart and soul. More importantly, they give you tools and strategies to overcome deep issues that may have plagued you for most of your Life.

This is truly a God-ordained ministry and Mehrzad’s patience, wisdom and knowledge as a counsellor, prophet and minister, make it a “safe space” to deal with the issues of the heart.

In the time I have been with Gifts of Fire Ministries, I have gained a greater level of freedom and understanding of the laws of God’s Kingdom as well as inner healing and deliverance; also of going beyond my own perceived limitations and overcoming my fears and insecurities.

If you want to be transformed into greater levels of spiritual freedom, then this is the course for you!!!!


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