Lyn B.

Gifts of Fire Ministries gives some very helpful and relevant topics for living the Christian life.

While I haven’t been a part of the Gifts of Fire Ministries courses, I have attended some seminars that were available and found them to be most helpful and enlightening.
As one who knows Mehrzad personally, I have found him to be a dedicated lover of Jesus, committed to fulfilling the destiny given to him by the One who has called him. This calling is for the Saints to experience freedom, healing, deliverance, and growth in their walk with God which is his passion, and he is steadfast in pursuing this calling.

To this end, Mehrzad prepared himself by graduating from the School of Prophets and those that sharpened his spiritual insight in addition to four other Schools of Supernatural ministry. He in turn delivers his ministry with grace, gentleness, insight, and a firm understanding that the Holy Spirit anoints and enables others to receive what is available to them by his teaching.

Mehrzad himself had a miraculous conversion experience with a personal visitation from Jesus that changed his life. From that moment on, his ongoing desire is to serve Him and the body of Christ which I have found to be his motivation in everything he does.

If you long to go deeper into the things of God, Gifts of Fire Ministries will help you fulfil your desire to know your potential, destiny, and personal freedom.


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