Marguerite A.

If you are seeking God, I can honestly say that Mehrzad Jahanbin is one of the finest instruments of God in Perth. His story to discover Christ is far from ASTONISHING! I think that word translated from Aramaic is derived from Syriac mysticism and means to be astonished by the manifestations of the Light of God. Mehrzad laboured in prayer and meditation, searching for the Truth and his testimony left my husband and me speechless.

I take the liberty of describing his journey like this: Those who seek should not stop seeking till they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel and will reign over all and after they have reigned, they will rest.

Mehrzad walks in many giftings and the one I love most is his love of people. He truly cares and his prophetic gift is like spiritual medicine to each one he meets, and his humble teaching approach is profound.

We are blessed that he has arrived on our shores from far away and made Perth his home.
Praise be to God and His mighty ways!


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