Rebekah E.M.

I have been a student at Gifts of Fire Ministries for two years. It has been the most awesome time of my life to experience such authentic discipleship just like in the Bible! I believe I have truly learned how to apply the word of God in many ways in my life; such tools I hadn’t received from the many ministries I had attended before my enrolment here.

What’s more, I have received so much healing from difficult traumas, relationships, and life since joining Gifts of Fire. That freedom has brought so much transformation to every area of my life, I can’t imagine my life had I not met Mehrzad and started his curriculum. My walk with God is growing daily, and I am genuinely experiencing a relationship with the Father more intimately than I knew possible because of this ministry.

Gifts of Fire Founder, Mehrzad, is an excellent leader! He leads each of his students with so much humility, grace, patience, and the Father’s love. I especially appreciate how non-judgmental he is throughout the process of healing. He meets each student where they are no matter their strongholds, addictions, and sins of any kind and leads them on the journey of healing with Christ Jesus.

Mehrzad is a true apostle and prophet of the Lord. He is extremely anointed and gifted and his testimony, faith, and walk with the Lord is a huge inspiration. I can honestly say I haven’t yet met another minister and teacher like him who is so humble, kind, and compassionate with their students.

The Gifts of Fire Community is continually growing, and it has been so awesome to connect with many people worldwide who share similar experiences as me of healing, overcoming, and becoming victorious through Jesus and who are answering the call God has for them. I highly recommend Gifts of Fire!


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