Mehrzad Jahanbin is a passionate minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with an apostolic and prophetic calling in his life. Born and raised in a devout Muslim family in Iran, Mehrzad began seeking the truth about God through science, cosmology, and Islamic doctrine at the age of sixteen. His search led him to psychology, mysticism, Buddhism, yoga, reiki, and pranic healing.

In 2011, Mehrzad witnessed the power of Jesus Christ and saw Him face-to-face in a supernatural encounter. Jesus transformed his life after fifteen years of seeking and practising Islam and mysticism. Soon after his miraculous salvation, he was persecuted and opposed for his faith.

In January 2015, Mehrzad left Iran and immigrated to Australia. Close to giving up his faith after losing everything, Jesus appeared to Mehrzad again and gave him the mandate to inspire faith in believers, empower the persecuted, and make disciples of all nations.

Mehrzad’s testimony is a great testimony of supernatural transformation and revival. Today, he is a passionate minister of the gospel whose aim is to see people’s lives transformed through apostolic, prophetic, and evangelical movements. In addition, Mehrzad is continuing his academic studies as a PhD researcher in Australia.


Since 2015, Mehrzad has never ceased to go deeper in his journey with Christ Jesus. In 2016, he graduated from the Joshua Generation School of Ministry. Soon after that, Mehrzad completed other teaching curriculums and graduated from several schools of ministry, including the School of Prophets, the School of Impartation, and Elijah House Ministries.

In 2017, Mehrzad founded Gifts of Fire Ministries by the prompt of the Holy Spirit. Since its day of establishment, Gifts of Fire Ministries has actively and diligently supported a wide range of ministries and individuals and has made disciples for Christ across Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, South Africa, and Iran through teaching the Word of God, prophetic ministry, healing, and deliverance ministry.




Gifts of Fire Ministries gives some very helpful and relevant topics for living the Christian life.

While I haven’t been a part of the Gifts of Fire Ministries courses, I have attended some seminars that were available and found them to be most helpful and enlightening.
As one who knows Mehrzad personally, I have found him to be a dedicated lover of Jesus, committed to fulfilling the destiny given to him by the One who has called him. This calling is for the Saints to experience freedom, healing, deliverance, and growth in their walk with God which is his passion, and he is steadfast in pursuing this calling.

To this end, Mehrzad prepared himself by graduating from the School of Prophets and those that sharpened his spiritual insight in addition to four other Schools of Supernatural ministry. He in turn delivers his ministry with grace, gentleness, insight, and a firm understanding that the Holy Spirit anoints and enables others to receive what is available to them by his teaching.

Mehrzad himself had a miraculous conversion experience with a personal visitation from Jesus that changed his life. From that moment on, his ongoing desire is to serve Him and the body of Christ which I have found to be his motivation in everything he does.

If you long to go deeper into the things of God, Gifts of Fire Ministries will help you fulfil your desire to know your potential, destiny, and personal freedom.


Lyn B.

I have been a student at Gifts of Fire Ministries for two years. It has been the most awesome time of my life to experience such authentic discipleship just like in the Bible! I believe I have truly learned how to apply the word of God in many ways in my life; such tools I hadn’t received from the many ministries I had attended before my enrolment here.

What’s more, I have received so much healing from difficult traumas, relationships, and life since joining Gifts of Fire. That freedom has brought so much transformation to every area of my life, I can’t imagine my life had I not met Mehrzad and started his curriculum. My walk with God is growing daily, and I am genuinely experiencing a relationship with the Father more intimately than I knew possible because of this ministry.

Gifts of Fire Founder, Mehrzad, is an excellent leader! He leads each of his students with so much humility, grace, patience, and the Father’s love. I especially appreciate how non-judgmental he is throughout the process of healing. He meets each student where they are no matter their strongholds, addictions, and sins of any kind and leads them on the journey of healing with Christ Jesus.

Mehrzad is a true apostle and prophet of the Lord. He is extremely anointed and gifted and his testimony, faith, and walk with the Lord is a huge inspiration. I can honestly say I haven’t yet met another minister and teacher like him who is so humble, kind, and compassionate with their students.

The Gifts of Fire Community is continually growing, and it has been so awesome to connect with many people worldwide who share similar experiences as me of healing, overcoming, and becoming victorious through Jesus and who are answering the call God has for them. I highly recommend Gifts of Fire!


Rebekah E.M.

Very powerful ministry for healing. Thank you Mehrzad for your patience, and your love for the Lord.

Blessings always.


Joshua N.

I Highly recommend Gifts of Fire Ministries, founded by Mehrzad Jahanbin, a true prophet of God.

The in-depth teachings and topics, although very challenging at times, address the core issues of the heart and soul. More importantly, they give you tools and strategies to overcome deep issues that may have plagued you for most of your Life.

This is truly a God-ordained ministry and Mehrzad’s patience, wisdom and knowledge as a counsellor, prophet and minister, make it a “safe space” to deal with the issues of the heart.

In the time I have been with Gifts of Fire Ministries, I have gained a greater level of freedom and understanding of the laws of God’s Kingdom as well as inner healing and deliverance; also of going beyond my own perceived limitations and overcoming my fears and insecurities.

If you want to be transformed into greater levels of spiritual freedom, then this is the course for you!!!!


Lucy C

I highly recommend Gifts of Fire Ministries. Mehrzad has a true gift and anointing from God to lead people into full restoration and healing.

What I really appreciate is that Mehrzad is extremely patient, thorough, and nonjudgmental throughout the process of healing. He carries the refining fire of the Father’s heart in such a way that leads people into transformation.

He has a powerful authority as a Prophet to bring deliverance from strongholds and brokenness.

As a result of the sessions I have received, many areas of my life have been restored and transformed. True restoration addresses the roots, and I am grateful to have received such thorough teaching and healing through Gifts of Fire Ministries.

Thank you!


Rebekah L.

Mehrzad truly has the heart of Jesus. His compassion and love toward the lost and the broken-hearted are so precious. His prophetic insight is extremely accurate and a true reflection of the Father’s heart.

Mehrzad ministers with strong healing and deliverance gifts and is passionate about pursuing breakthrough.

Mehrzad has such deep compassion that flows through everything he does in ministry. I’m so thankful for the gift that he is to the body of Christ and the lost.


Heather Y.

Mehrzad helped me put my broken pieces together. He has fierce compassion and a passion to see people truly set free. I was healed of such a deep core wound in my spirit from childhood abuse.

Mehrzad led me gently through forgiveness prayer which brought a depth in my spirit I never knew was possible. In turn, my body was healed as well! You don’t want to miss out on this true gift of Christ.


Natalie T.

Mehrzad is a very gifted prophetic counsellor and is incredibly encouraging and supportive when ministering to others. He has a lot of experience counselling many different people with all different life experiences. Mehrzad’s approach to inner healing and soul ministry is effective and he commits himself fully to see people’s full healing and breakthrough.


Courtney S.

Want to be close to God? Every day I read such beautiful, loving and positive messages. In this negative world, having love and positive encouragement is so inspiring.

Thank you for lighting my life!


Lynn V.E.

If you desire a closer walk with God, then I would strongly encourage you to visit “Gift of Fire Ministries” and allow yourself to embrace the powerful spiritual truths set forth. This Christian ministry page will enrich your life, expand your faith and provide you with fruit-bearing seed from God’s Word.


Elizabeth L.

If you are seeking God, I can honestly say that Mehrzad Jahanbin is one of the finest instruments of God in Perth. His story to discover Christ is far from ASTONISHING! I think that word translated from Aramaic is derived from Syriac mysticism and means to be astonished by the manifestations of the Light of God. Mehrzad laboured in prayer and meditation, searching for the Truth and his testimony left my husband and me speechless.

I take the liberty of describing his journey like this: Those who seek should not stop seeking till they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel and will reign over all and after they have reigned, they will rest.

Mehrzad walks in many giftings and the one I love most is his love of people. He truly cares and his prophetic gift is like spiritual medicine to each one he meets, and his humble teaching approach is profound.

We are blessed that he has arrived on our shores from far away and made Perth his home.
Praise be to God and His mighty ways!


Marguerite A.

I recommend this wonderful Faith-based God-honouring ministry page because I personally sent in a prayer request to the Ministry and the love and support myself and my wife have received so far has only been outstanding. We are on an ongoing journey with this wonderful ministry and would encourage everyone who desires a richer more fulfilling relationship with God and Family in Christ Jesus, like and follow this page and see where the journey takes you for His glory alone.

Your brother in Christ Jesus,


Raymond B.


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What is God Saying for 2023


What is God saying for 2023? On Dec 17th, Mehrzad along with prophetic people in his team at Gifts of Fire Ministries, shared words of wisdom for the new year for you to gain vision and wisdom for the new year.
This 1.5-hour event will give you prophetic insight and wisdom for the new year.


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