Mehrzad Jahanbin is a prophet, revivalist, and itinerant minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Born and raised in a devout Muslim family in Iran, Mehrzad began seeking the truth about God through science, cosmology, and Islamic doctrine at the age of sixteen. His search led him to psychology, mysticism, Buddhism, yoga, reiki, and pranic healing.

In 2011, Mehrzad encountered the power of Jesus Christ and saw Him face-to-face in a supernatural encounter. Jesus transformed his life after fifteen years of seeking and practising Islam and mysticism. Soon after his miraculous salvation, he was persecuted and opposed for his faith.

In January 2015, Mehrzad left Iran and immigrated to Australia. Close to giving up his faith after losing everything, Jesus appeared to Mehrzad once again and gave him the mandate to inspire faith in all nations and empower those who are persecuted.

Mehrzad’s testimony is a great testimony of supernatural transformation and revival. Today, he is a passionate minister of the gospel whose aim is to see people’s lives transformed through prophetic, evangelical, and apostolic movements. In addition, Mehrzad is continuing his academic studies as a PhD researcher in Australia.

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Since 2015, Mehrzad has never ceased to go deeper in his journey with Christ Jesus. In 2016, he graduated from the Joshua Generation School of Supernatural Ministry. Soon after that, Mehrzad completed other teaching curriculums and graduated from several schools of supernatural ministry, including the School of Prophets, the School of Impartation, and Elijah House.

In 2017, Mehrzad founded Gifts of Fire Ministries by the prompt of the Holy Spirit. Since its day of establishment, Gifts of Fire Ministries has actively and passionately supported a wide range of ministries and individuals and has made disciples for Christ across Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, South Africa, and Iran through teaching the Word of God, prophetic ministry, healing, and deliverance ministry.